All individuals and families experience difficulties. When we experience illness, stress, grief or trauma, we need to discover ways to handle our lives. In therapy, we help you move from feeling helpless to feeling competent again in a calm, confidential setting.
Therapy is conducted in the knowledge that you, as a client, are resourceful. The process is one which makes your resources more available to you, at a time when they feel temporarily unavailable.

Bournetherapy is collaborative, respectful and positive. We listen to you and continually check about whether it is actually making an impact on your life, because only you know what is working. Building on your existing strengths, skills and resilience using research-tested tools within a supportive setting, achieves positive, life-enhancing results.

Bournetherapy has a high level of expertise and accountability. In addition to having the usual Masters degrees, we are certified by a governing professional college with tough training standards and an active ethics committee. We ascribe to lifelong learning, continually adding to our skills and expertise. No referral needed. Call us directly.

What to Expect from Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process during which the client acquires the tools necessary to overcome emotional challenges that may seem overwhelming now. When therapy is successful, one notices a renewed vitality and enthusiasm about one's life, and a readiness to take on emotional challenges on one's own.

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Valerie Bourne M.S.W. R.S.W.
Counselling and Psychotherapy

Valerie M. Bourne MSW RSW is a psychotherapist who works extensively with individuals in crisis or who need confidential support from a healing professional.

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